My name is Sally Feihel, I have over 26 years experience in the Paranormal field. I specialize in EVP;
(electronic voice phenomenon).

I am part Mohawk Indian. I use a lot of my Indian heritage in my investigations. I will do a sage smudging for
you  upon request.

I do private residences, businesses, B & B's as well as cemeteries.

I never charge for an investigation.

My findings are posted on my web site, but no personal information will be used without a signed
information release form on file.

You will get a FULL report, including an EVP report as well as a CD-ROM with ALL evidence captured on
it. I will come back and show you what evidence I have captured.

I have done new homes as well, with clients that simple wish to know if there are any family members that
have passed around them. Also, remember, a brand new house can have activity, if it is built on land that
holds any type of spirit energy.

Feel free to contact me for any information or for answers to any questions that you may have.

Be sure to check out my "About US" page to learn more about each of us.

All evidence captured during any
A.S.I. Investigation, is property of
A.S.I. It MAY NOT be used in an way
with out written permission from
A.S.I. Founder, Sally Feihel. All
Investigators of A.S.I. represent
the organization, there for any
evidence captured by them is
property of A.S.I. All credit will be
given to the investigator that
captured the evidence at the time.
If an investigator leaves this
organization, all evidence still
remains property of A.S.I. and the
client. All investigators are
working under the organization's
founder; Sally Feihel, there by
making all evidence A.S.I. property.
Artwork by: Donna Wormwood
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Please be advised that I am in the process of
updating the web site. I will be adding new
evidence. Please check back often.